How To Choose Aplus Truck Tire Tread Pattern

How To Choose Aplus Truck Tire Tread Pattern

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How To Choose Aplus Truck Tire Tread Pattern?( APLUS TIRE  TRUCK AND BUS TIRE,  LONG HAUL :S201 S202 S205 S208 D808 S201+ T706 . REGIONAL :D280 D801+ D318 D288 D900 T705 S618 S902 S903 D801 .ON&OFF RAOD:D268 D802 D805 D688 S600 S901 T605 T609 D803 . MINING:D800 D880  D860  D689.)


Truck tire pattern can be roughly divided into the following types: striped tires, horizontal pattern tires, stripes and transverse pattern mixed tires, block pattern tires, asymmetric pattern tires.


Drivers need only grasp two basic principles to choose the right tire — one is the working position of the tire, that is, whether the tire is mounted on the steering wheel or the driving wheel or the trailer wheel;The second is the truck tire work conditions, the vehicle often driving on the highway, or gravel road, these conditions on the tire pattern requirements are also different.Today we will take you to explore the mystery of the tire pattern!


Striped  Pattern tires


Advantages: high side slip resistance, excellent steering and safety performance, less vibration, comfortable driving.

Disadvantages: poor braking and driving performance, groove fatigue.Mainly used in truck steering wheel and good road conditions.


Transverse Tread Tires

Advantages: strong driving and braking performance, able to adapt to the poor road surface.

Disadvantages: relatively large rolling resistance, resulting in low oil saving efficiency, and relatively low resistance to side slip. Mainly used in truck brake wheels and poor road conditions.


A combination of striped and transverse tire.

Advantages: it can be said that this kind of tire has both the advantages of strip pattern and transverse pattern, in order to ensure the steering performance but also consider the braking performance, and can adapt to a variety of road surface.

Disadvantages: this combination is likely to cause severe wear at the end of the transverse pattern.Mainly used in cargo trucks.


Block Tread Tire.

Pros: excellent propulsion and braking, snow and muddy surfaces.

Disadvantages: faster wear and roll resistance than stripe and cross grain.It is mainly used in areas with very poor transportation conditions such as cold, desert or off-road environment.

How To Choose Aplus Truck Tire Tread Pattern

Asymmetrical tread

Advantages: unified ground area, good wear resistance and braking performance.


Disadvantages: poor compatibility with other size tires, not much use.Mainly used in cars, a small part of light trucks.


How To Choose Aplus Truck Tire Tread Pattern ?

5 types of tire patterns, each has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the different working conditions and choose different tires, can yet be regarded as a good way to promote strengths and circumvent weaknesses.