Tubeless Tire and Tube Tire

Tubeless Tire and Tube Tire

Project Description

Tubeless Tire and Tube Tire


The construction of a tire with an inner tube.

With inner tire structure and the structure of the tubeless tyre roughly the same, only the tubeless tyre inner tube and tyre solution for an organic whole, and inner tire inner tube is independent, because the tire inner tube “fetal bile” role, therefore, the combination of tyre and rim is not very close together, once the tube is hard prick, air from the joint of the tire and ring opening suddenly lost, slowed may treads broken tire side curtain, make whole tire scrap, the speed is quick, often cause the malignant accident such as rollover, “tasikmalaya”.


The construction of tubeless tires

TUBELESS tires are also called vacuum tires, or hollow tires in some places.As the name suggests, tubeless tires are tires without inner tubes.Some drivers do not understand the structure of tubeless tires, therefore, always feel that the use of tubeless tires do not have the end of the heart, not practical, in fact, tubeless tires are not without tubeless tires, it is just the inner tube, more scientific and more progressive use of another material, another method and the outer tube as a whole.

The inner surface of tubeless tires is covered with a layer of highly sealable sealant film (usually with oxidized butyl adhesive), which is closely adhered to the inner surface of the tires.When the nail and other things into the hole in the air leakage from the hole, the inner membrane immediately with the outflow of air and contraction blocked the hole.The rubber film is integrated with the tire without any air leakage.In addition, there is only one air inlet, the tight bite of the tire mouth and wheel rim will not leak air.Therefore, when the content such as tires were nail pierced, the air is not a sudden loss, the place of the assassination of only from floor drain out (because lining contraction blocked the entrance of the cave, so slow air erosion), can give the driver enough time to deal with, in this way, both will not be in a car accident because of the sudden loss of air (speed quick, the front wheel suddenly a flat, often brings the malignant accident such as vehicle rollover), also won’t suddenly because of leakage and bad tyre crush.

We can do such an experiment: blow a balloon full of air, with a needle prick, the balloon will explode;But stick a piece of sticking plaster on the surface of same balloon, after blowing full, also use a needle to prick, as the loss of air, the sticking plaster can shrink to block the hole, the air is lost slowly, the balloon won’t explode.

Tubeless tire was invented in 1930, has been more than 60 years, the original research invention of tubeless tire is from the perspective of safety.However, today, more than 60 years later, some of our drivers are still worried about the safety of tubeless tires, it can be seen that our knowledge of tire publicity is not enough.