UHP TYRE-Ultra High Performance Tyre

UHP TYRE-Ultra High Performance Tyre

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UHP TYRE-Ultra High Performance Tyre .

Some tire names have the letters “UHP” in them. What does “UHP” mean?

UHP is a classification of tire specifications. Generally speaking, tires with flat ratio less than 55, rim diameter over 15 inches, and speed above VR (240km/h) are called UHP, and other radial tires can be called HP.UHP stands for Ultra High performance, and HP stands for High performance tire.

UHP TYRE-Ultra High Performance Tyre

Advantages of  UHP TYRE-Ultra High Performance Tyre.

1) excellent turning performance at high speed

2) excellent grip and braking force

3) excellent emergency avoidance ability

Not all ultra high performance tires name with “UHP”, there are a lot of ultra high performance tires without “UHP” is not the tire name with “UHP” tires can be considered ultra high performance tires, flat ratio less than 55, rim diameter of more than 15 inches, speed in VR (240km/h) above the tires are called UHP tires.

In recent years, the market share of ultra-high performance tires has been increasing, and well-known tire companies have launched UHP tires on a large scale, and UHP tires play a more and more important role in driving the growth of tire companies’ performance.

In passenger car tire sales, 52.1% of the sales from the 17 inch or more high inch tires, its sales increased by 3.5% year on year.Such excellent sales performance relies on the outstanding performance of APLUS ,ROYAL BALCK ,COMPASAL, LANVIGATOR in the market.

The trend has been helped by the growing market for mid-range, executive and large luxury cars, which are increasingly equipped with high-performance tires.It is estimated that between 2015 and 2020, the global average annual sales volume of ultra-high performance tires is expected to increase by 9 million, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 3%.