Why Do We Need Aplus AT MT Tire

Why Do We Need Aplus AT MT Tire

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Why Do We Need Aplus AT MT Tire?

Tires for cars like we wear shoes, are very important for any car, because it is the only medium vehicle contact with the ground, all engine to produce power will eventually conduction to make ground vehicles are driven forward by tires, inappropriate tires will be a huge negative impact on the performance of the vehicle.

For an SUV or off-road vehicle, there are generally three levels of tires :HT tires (highway tires, worst off-road performance) AT tires (All road tire, intermediate off-road performance) MT tires (mud tires, best off-road performance), but the negative effects of noise, vibration and fuel consumption are also progressive.

Considering the original vehicle NVH and fuel consumption and other issues, the vast majority of off-road vehicles are equipped with HT tires when they leave the factory, very few are equipped with AT tires and MT tires, so if you want to put their own car out of the off-road, then the tire upgrade is very important.

Why Do We Need Aplus AT MT Tire

HT TIRE(APLUS A607 SUV)Why Do We Need Aplus AT MT Tire

HT tire is commonly known as the highway tire, generally speaking, the general SUV factory (even including the vast majority of off-road vehicles) usually to the new car installation is a neutral pattern of HT tire, mainly used for highway driving, the characteristics of the tire wall is relatively soft, tread pattern fine.This type of tire is very suitable for urban road driving, in handling, quiet, fuel economy has a good performance.


However, once encountering the off-road condition, the original shape is basically exposed. The sharp stone on the off-road is easy to puncture the tire, and the small pattern has poor mud drainage, so the HT tire is basically suitable for the vast majority of driving in the urban road condition, and is only an occasional choice for the owner of the light off-road.


AT TIRE (APLUS A929 AT)Why Do We Need Aplus AT MT Tire

The design of all-terrain tires is more compatible than that of HT tires. The tread design of all-terrain tires is relatively rough, and the spacing of tread patterns is slightly larger than that of road tires. In addition, the tire wall strength of the whole tire is also greatly increased.It can be said that AT tires can give a good consideration to both urban road conditions and off-road conditions, and the increase of fuel consumption and noise on paved roads is also acceptable to ordinary car owners. However, the performance of off-road tires is much better than that of HT tires, and their grip, puncture prevention and mud discharge are all better than that of HT tires.If your off-road and city road conditions are 50-50, AT tires are best for you.

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MT TIRE(APLUS A929 MT)Why Do We Need Aplus AT MT Tire

For most people, MT tires are the ultimate off-road tires, and rainforest or rock climbing tires are beyond the scope of this article.MT tire wall is hard, tire pattern is the most exaggerated, the distance between the tire rubber block is obviously large, easy to mud when driving slowly mud or high-speed mud, in addition to the sand road surface is easier to obtain adhesion.

But the negative results of MT tires are also obvious, pavement driving will greatly increase fuel consumption, noise and vibration, can be said to be the fish and bear’s paw can not have it both ways.If you spend most of your time on the road, MT tires are your best bet.