APLUS TYRES  ,classification of tyres.

Types of tires

Mention the kind of tire, in fact, there are many kinds of classification: classification by car, classification by use, classification by size, classification by pattern, classification by structure.

By type of car

Tires are classified by car type, which can be roughly divided into 8 types.Namely: PC – car tires;LT — light truck tire;TB — truck and bus tyres;AG — agricultural vehicle tires;OTR — engineering vehicle tire;ID — tires for industrial vehicles;AC — aircraft tires;MC — motorcycle tires.

Classification by tyre use

Tires are classified according to their USES, including truck tires, bus tires and mining tires.

By tire size

Tires are classified by size, typically referring to an outer tire with a section width of 17in(in., 1in=25).4mm) or above, this kind of tire belongs to the giant tire;Tires with a section width below 17in and above 10in are large tires.The tire with the section width below 10in belongs to small and medium size tire.

Classification by tire pattern

There are many types of tires by pattern, but they can be roughly divided into four types

(1) longitudinal groove tire pattern = excellent stability/rotation resistance small noise/drainage is good/not easy to transverse sliding.

(2) transverse groove tread = driving force, braking force, excellent traction/wear resistance.

(3) and horizontal pattern = both longitudinal and horizontal groove pattern advantages.

(4) block tire pattern = driving force and braking force are very good.

Classification by tyre structure

According to the classification of the structure of tires, to the current widely used situation to be divided into bias tires and radial tires can be divided into two categories.