COMPASAL TYRES ,Construction of radial tyre.

The tire body of radial tire is made of nylon and rayon, while the tire body of truck is made of steel wire.In addition, the radial tire because of its each part to bear the force and function is different, therefore, the choice of rubber material is also different.

Below is the rubber used for each part of the radial tire according to its different functions.

(1) tread adhesive.Because the tread of the tire should be in direct contact with the road surface, therefore, it has better wear resistance, rolling resistance and noise to be small, but also has excellent heat resistance and puncture resistance.In addition, the radial tire’s small expansion of the buffer, so that the tread load increases, especially in the poor pavement is more obvious, therefore, the tread rubber also has good elasticity, fatigue resistance and high aging resistance.Therefore, the tread of the material is very particular.

(2) tire side glue.Radial tire side bending deformation is much larger than the bias tire, therefore, must choose resistance to bending deformation of rubber.In addition, the tire side is easy to crack under the action of ozone, at the same time, the tire side also bears a large mechanical deformation, so, the tire side glue should also have a lower stretch strength, excellent fatigue resistance and ozone resistance.

(3) with a layer of adhesive.Compared with the bias tire, the radial tire’s strap layer bears higher shear stress, and at the same time, it is necessary to realize the smooth transition of the hard buffer layer and avoid the disconnection of the tire’s shoulder.Therefore, the adhesive should have a high strength, fatigue resistance, heat resistance and adhesion.

(4) tire body curtain fabric glue.Radial tire body circumferential stretch deformation and shear deformation along the cord than the bias tire, so the cord fabric adhesive should have higher strength, fatigue resistance, heat resistance and adhesion.At the same time, the cord adhesive should also have a high degree of cohesion.

(5) tire shoulder pad glue.The tire shoulder pad adhesive is used to separate the ends of the cord layer and the cushion layer, so that the hard tread can transfer gently to the soft side of the tire, and transfer and absorb the stress of the tire shoulder under the dynamic condition, so as to reduce the risk of the tire shoulder emptying.Because the tire shoulder pad is located in high stress area, it should have excellent fatigue resistance and good adhesion performance.

6 tire circle triangle glue.In order to strengthen the position of the tire ring, so that the tire ring can be formed stably, and form a rigid transition from the tire ring to the tire example, generally by a greater hardness or two different hardness of the triangle rubber strip to fill the steel ring and strengthen the tire part of the tire ring side, to ensure the radial tire wire ring to the soft side of the smooth transition.In addition, this kind of glue must have the good adhesive performance.

It can be seen from the above that the manufacture of radial tire is very complicated and not easy.

In addition, radial tire production technology requirements are very strict, must have advanced equipment, fine raw materials, strict process management and reliable means of detection.It can be said that the radial tire is the crystallization of human wisdom.

Radial tires can be divided into three categories according to the variety of cord cord used for the belt layer and the tire body: the radial tire with full steel wire, the radial tire with steel wire fiber (half-wire radial tire) and the radial tire with full fiber.

Most of the radial tires for heavy truck are full wire radial tires or half wire radial tires.Radial tire for light truck is usually half wire radial tire;Car radial tires are made of half – wire or all – fiber.

Many drivers don’t know what kind of tires they are using or buying.If the same car with different tire body tires, will affect the car’s performance.Therefore, it is best to know what tire body tire is used in your car when changing the tire, if it is half wire, still choose half wire, if it is full fiber, still choose full fiber.

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