ROYAL BLACK TYRES ,Role of tyre.

Role of tyre

A car is made up of thousands of parts, each of which usually serves only one purpose.The tire, also is one of the automobile parts, but, it and other parts play the role is different, it must play the following four roles in the automobile driving.

Load bearing

Whether a car is its self-weight, or by people or carrying objects, its weight will pass through the body of the car to the tire, finally by the tire shoulder all the burden, so, the tire plays a very important role in carrying.

Generating driving force and braking force

Since tires are the only part of a car that comes into contact with the road surface, it is necessary to “communicate” with the road surface through tires for starting, driving, braking and parking, and to complete the wishes of the car or its driver through tires.

Buffering and shock absorption

Unpaved pavement is mostly rough stone road, the road will have a lot of gravel or pit, bag, even if the pavement is laid, there are often some obstacles, affecting the normal running of the car.In this case, the tire will play its excellent cushioning and shock absorption function, so that the car can move forward in a more comfortable situation.This is because the tire itself is made of about 50% elastic rubber, coupled with the excellent shock absorption function of the air inside the tire, so that the car can easily move forward in bad roads.

Change the direction of the car

Whether the car turns or turns around, it needs to be completed by the tire of the car, it often needs to change the direction of the car according to the wishes of the driver.

Because the tire has the above four functions, therefore, the automobile can safely, freely, quickly and comfortably drive on the uneven road surface;Also because it has the above four functions, so, tires in the whole car parts is very important.

In fact, we can completely use a sentence to summarize the role and importance of tires: when a person sat in the car, then, the person is actually completely to the car, and the car in the middle of the road, in fact all to the four tires.When there is a problem with the tire, both the car and the people on it will be in great danger.Therefore, every driver should be very concerned about their tires.

Tubeless Tire and Tube Tire

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