CHINA TBR TIRE MANUFACTURER SHANDONG HAOHUA TIRE CO.,LTD is a professional China factory of TBR (truck and bus tire) tires and PCR (passenger car tire )tires .After more than twenty years of rapid development, has reached the annual production capacity is 24 million of PCR and 5.5 million of TBR tires .

TRUCK AND BUS TIRE comprise twenty-six tread pattern and more than thirty sizes.can satisfy long haul transport and on/off road and regional construction and mining road .sturdy and durable.With a higher cost performance has been approved by the customers around the world.

PASSENAGER CAR TIRE comprise more than twenty tread pattern and more than hundreds of sizes.Include Taxi tire,Economy tire, SUV tire,UHP tire,AT/MT tire, Commercial/Light truck tire, Drift tire ,Winter and Snow tire. can fully meet the demand of most customers.

All the tires produced by us had obtain Quality Certificate:GSO/SCC ,DOT ,ECE, REACH, INMETRO ,NOM,SONCAP, SMARTWAY,BIS ,ISO, CCC and so on.