Haohua Tire Manufacture Steps


You need to know a tire produced after many steps?


Do you know a professional tire enterprises is how to realize the scale, scientific production management?


There is such a business in the tire industry, it was founded in 20 years, the capacity to achieve sustained steady rise, the competitive price advantage in the industry accumulate a high degree of recognition, it is Shandong Haohua Tire Co. ltd.. Why Haohua tire has become one of the largest private China tire manufacturers? Go Haohua tire production workshop to find out.


It is understood that Haohua tire currently has a total of three plants, two steel and 1.5 steel factory factory, has achieved TBR annual production capacity of 5 million sets of PCR, the annual production capacity of 24 million sets of “super” capacity. This high capacity tire is how to make it? On the journey together open.


Good good quality cast products. To produce good tire products must use high quality raw materials, if the requirements of raw materials and strict production out of the finished product, it is difficult to withstand the test of the market. According to the person in charge, Haohua tires are used in advanced raw materials, carbon black, Bekaert steel cord and natural rubber market, the Bekaert steel cord can be repeatedly renovated without reducing the matrix strength. Haohua tire from the source to ensure the production of tires in accordance with the requirements of high-quality products, an important reason which is user acceptance Haohua tire.

Haohua Tire Manufacture Steps

Haohua Tire Manufacture Steps

From the raw material workshop, we enter the production workshop. Production equipment is sophisticated in the manufacturing enterprise plays a key role, the relevant responsible person said: “the key processes in the workshop, rubber wire rolling, extrusion, molding and other production equipment are imported from Japan, Italy and other foreign countries. “Haohua tires have invested heavily in the production of equipment, and these devices also ensures the precision and stability of tire Haohua products in every stage of production.


Haohua Tire Manufacture Steps

Good products from the production processes strictly controlled. We see the implementation of quality control standard Haohua tire harsh, full range of quality control, to ensure the unity of product quality.High standards of rigorous testing and the spirit of excellence, creating a Haohua tire reliable product quality.


Haohua tire has 12 tire warehouse, 6 tire warehouse logistics park, to achieve annual throughput of tire semi steel products amounted to 40 million sets of all steel products reached capacity of 4 million 200 thousand sets. Enter a warehouse, all products complete and orderly. Perfect logistics system to ensure the tire Haohua accurate, timely and efficient transportation.

Haohua Tire Manufacture Steps

Haohua tire related responsible person said: “Hao Hua will profound insight into the development trend of tire industry, focus on the user’s implicit demand, a new business philosophy and differentiated service to win the trust of customers around the world!”

After the huge market of automobile China, only adhere to the excellence of the artisan spirit manufacturing products to sustainable development in the fierce competition in the market. As the backbone of the domestic tire, Haohua tires, is such a deep person. Scientific and standardized production in the tire has been Haohua depth of integration, we see a strong ability to control the production capacity, the tire company, we have witnessed the high-quality Haohua tire is how to make, such a tire manufacturing enterprises will win more long-term development in the automotive market.