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Shandong Environmental Protection Ordinance

In Jan 2019, “Shandong Environmental Protection Ordinance” began formal implementation.

In accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance, the heavy pollution weather emergency period, for refusing to stop to limit production enterprises, can take the seizure, wind power and other measures.

Some analysts believe that the Ordinance aims to effectively prevent sewage units continue to steal production waste. The rubber, tire, chemical and other high polluting industries will have a greater impact.


The “Regulations” provisions of article twenty-second, large and significant, particularly significant environmental emergencies, or in the heavily polluted weather emergency period, not shut, stop the discharge, and other measures to limit production in accordance with the requirements to the emission of pollutants, the relevant departments can be in accordance with the law on business related facilities, equipment, goods seized, take compulsory administrative measures seizure.


“Regulations” also stipulates that the people’s governments at or above the county level and the relevant departments shall make a decision according to law, shall be ordered to suspend production or business or close the sewage units, can be taken to suspend the production requirements of power supply enterprise electricity measures, power supply enterprises shall cooperate.

In addition, non-ferrous metal smelting, petroleum processing, coking, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, electroplating, leather and other enterprises closed down, relocation or changes in land use, shall formulate cleanup and disposal of residual contaminants.

The disposal of sewage, toxic and harmful gases, industrial solid waste, radioactive sources and radioactive waste, and its storage and disposal facilities and places to carry out safety processing.


Enterprises and institutions and other production operators have one of the following acts, it shall be ordered to make corrections by subject to fines, refuses to correct, the administrative organ may be ordered to correct the receipt of the decision, according to the original penalty consecutive daily fines:

One is more than emission standards or exceed the total discharge of major pollutants emission pollution control index;

The two is without obtaining emission permits in accordance with the requirements of the illegal discharge of pollutants;

The three is through the underground pipe, seepage wells, pits, filling or tampering, forgery monitoring data, or not the normal operation of pollution control facilities to avoid regulation of pollutant emission mode;

Four is the environmental impact assessment shall be conducted in accordance with the examination and approval of construction projects, which started construction without approval;


The five is not to take corresponding preventive measures of hazardous waste, hazardous waste caused by leakage or cause other environmental pollution;

The sixth is in violation of the provisions of the prevention and control of radioactive pollution, production, sale, use, transfer, import, storage of radioisotope or ray devices; other 7 is implemented on a daily basis as prescribed by laws and regulations for punishment.

Shandong Environmental Protection Ordinance” was amended in November 2018 30 by the thirteenth people’s Congress of the seventh meeting of the Standing Committee issued.